DS concierge - personal assistant in Majorca

DS Concierge

Personal Assistant in Majorca

DS Concierge Mallorca Services

Restaurant Recommendation and Reservation Services

  • Restaurants
  • Discotheques and Clubs
  • Hotels and Villas
  • Shows
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Catering Organization Services

  • At home
  • On boats
  • Parties and private events
  • Personal chef
  • Professional team
  • Food and drinks
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Waiter Services

  • Waiters
  • Hostesses
  • Private events
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Maintenance House Services

  • Inside and Outside House Maintenance
  • Appliance Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Cleaning
  • Garden & Pool Maintenance
  • Groceries shopping
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Maintenance Boat Services

  • Boat cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Captain with license
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Fun events for children

DS concierge offers the easiest and most direct way to find babysitters in Mallorca.

  • Safe.
  • Privacy assured.
  • We offer child care.
  • We prepare fun events.
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Comprehensive Security System Services

  • Security guards.
  • Shooting guard.
  • Personnel for accompaniments.
  • Risk Evaluation
    • Threats
    • Vulnerabilities
  • Active protection systems
    • Internal and external detection system.
    • CCTV Surveillance systems.
    • Centralization system alarms. 
    • Fire safety system
  • Passive protection systems
    • Exterior and interior closures.


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